A Look Back at Our W3C — 02 Cohort’s Journey with Ternoa

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5 min readApr 14, 2023

We’re thrilled to share that our W3C — 02 cohort, held in partnership with Ternoa, has wrapped up! The fantastic progress made by our founders, mentors, and partners made this adventure one for the books.

During and following our W3C — 01 the startups we invested in raised $25M+. We can’t wait to see what happens with our new protégés!

A massive shout-out to our seven teams for their relentless efforts and amazing growth during the program. We’d also like to tip our hats to our rockstar mentors who went above and beyond to support and shape the projects. We can’t wait to connect our future founders with this incredible network!

Throughout the past few months, our team has been all hands on deck, working to fine-tune and propel the projects forward.

In a nutshell, we’ve:

  • Whipped up over 80 high-quality, bespoke resources and methodologies
  • Crafted more than 15 curriculum-specific templates for our founders
  • Built 7 websites
  • Designed 7 pitch decks
  • Hosted over 100 pitch sessions
  • Hosted 15 live workshops
  • Countless office hours and private mentoring sessions.

Here’s a quick rundown of the W3C — 02 cohort’s key achievements:

  • 7 companies in total
  • 6 different verticals
  • $1M in perks accessible for life
  • $50K in grants
  • 3 new companies incorporated
  • 7 MVPs/Prototypes rolled out
  • 30% of the cohort’s startups scored funding during the program, and others are gearing up for investor meetups
  • $CAPS value has experienced a 6.7x increase between the cohort’s start and end dates 👀

Now, let’s dive into the progress made by each project throughout the cohort:


Astromust website

ASTRØMUST is a Dubai-based trailblazer bringing a fresh gaming concept — a mobile gaming ecosystem that connects multiple games through a single storyline.

1)Astromust started raising $200k+ during the program
2)They brought on board notable partners and advisors such as Exlusible, Cross The Ages and Swissborg
3)They grew their team
4) A new website was launched
5) An in-game tournament is launching soon


Kamea Labs website

Kamea Labs is breaking barriers by enabling retail participation in financial opportunities through a compliant, non-custodial framework based on proxy management and tokenization.

1) Got accepted into the Wilco program for $150K secured and a promise of $1M+ revenue generated over 3 years
Developed a private sales module for Web3 entrepreneurs and signed two private sale deals
3) Submitted DASP registration with the French regulator (AMF)
4) Onboarded 3 advisors: a head of product @ Revolut, a serial entrepreneur and a professional investor
5) Launched new landing page and branding


Airpen website

Airpen is revolutionizing the publishing world with its decentralized platform that lets users create, publish, and analyze content with ease.


1: Storing publications on the blockchain (Arweave) forever without paying any fees
2: Meaningful insights about your readers (Average reading time of your publications, reader counter, locations of readers, historical data on the performance of your publications…)
3: Airpen Team editor (Easily write content with your team), write using shortcuts, auto-saving drafts, web3-embedded features (NFTs, transactions…) for your content, search bar, tagging system and more)


Jaypigs website

Jaypigs is making waves as the first cross-chain NFT renting platform, connecting NFT liquidity across all chains and offering users affordable, temporary access to utility.


1)Public Testnet launched (https://test.jpigs.finance/rent), available on 4 Chains
2)They cumulated 500+ users & got 100+ feedbacks
3)A new website and documentation were published
4)They’ve grown their teamto 4 members
5)Confirmed integration of +15 partners including: Madskull, Pulsar, Heroes of NFTs ATX DAO and Squid router.


Aracd3 website

Arcad3 evolved from a casual gamer reward system to a multi-gaming platform that turns any Web2 Unity game into Web3.


1) Arcad3 integrated three games on the Ternoa Blockchain
2) Arcad3 ran multiple tournaments with their community
3) The team built an instant credit-swap system
4) Developing an SDK for Unity devs
5) New website is live


Lawyerd! Website

Lawyerd! is shaking up the IP rights scene with a platform that automates everything from certification to enforcement against online scammers.

1) MVP developed on top of the Ternoa Blockchain.
2) Reached 10k MRR
3) Partnership and Revenue-share agreement with Rarible
4) Partnership with Temple University
5) Updated website
6) Added NFT market monitoring feature (for brand protection).


Untitled website

Untitled is a decentralized database that collects a treasure trove of unbuilt assets from creative minds.

1) Prototype built
2) New co-founder onboarded
3) New advisors onboarded: William Eldin (XXII), Jim Rhoné (Interstellar lab)
4) 2 notable partners (Announcement soon)

In conclusion, our W3C — 02 cohort has been nothing short of phenomenal, and we’re incredibly proud of the progress and achievements made by all the participating teams.

With seven projects focused on six different verticals, the Ternoa ecosystem has seen a significant expansion, including four projects/dApps currently available and three more on the way.

As we look back at this inspiring journey, we’re already excited about what the future holds for these startups and the upcoming cohorts.

Stay tuned for more updates, and once again, congratulations to all the teams, mentors, and partners who made the W3C — 02 cohort an unforgettable experience!



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